Thrift stores and garage sales

Have I told you that I have second hand shopping down to an art?  I'm lucky in that the only "job" I have is taking care of my family and kid. I'm not hemmed into much of schedule that doesn't revolve around school and family. Bonus, I get to go to these places without child- which is really the way to go. Both hands free and you don't have to worry about what another smaller person might touch or try to taste.

This week has been very, very good to me second hand wise. At a church garage sale I got 3 pair of jeans for my Mr. and a terrific shirt for 3 bucks. Better still , one pair of the Levis were brand new- all the tags still attached, and the shirt was the same way- never worn, brand new stuff for 75 cents a piece.
I got a brand new, tags attached Liz Clairborn t shirt for 3 bucks, along with a pair of pink khakis and a short sleeve orange t shirt ( one of my great colors!) for a total of 7 bucks for all three items. Then I went to another sale and got new Reef flip flops- again -unworn w/tags for 2 bucks.
I also got jewelry this week- vintage Taxco silver and other fabu vintage pieces- all for 50 cents each. I picked up some cool vintage fabric suitcases from the 60's and 70's for 5 bucks for both, and I got a cool vintage Sampsonite train case in a reddish orange for 2 bucks.
Best part- it's EARLY in the season. The best is yet to come!!

Gwen Frostic print


Esti said...

I am envious of your vintage luggage... I haven't been able to find any in usable shape since my last round suitcase fell apart. Any advice?

LOJO said...

I have had some good luck with my thrift stores with hardshell suitcases. I think since they are heavy no one wants to fly with them anymore.....