Mel at the Derby

I have to post this today because I will be off line Monday and Tuesday. My son is turning 6. I can't believe it-it just seems like yesterday I was begging God to let him hold his own head up so I didn't have to anymore.
I have to make and decorate a cake (construction themed this year) AND pizzas for his party Monday night-plus I still have to wrap his gifts. And clean the house. Then, tomorrow after the party, I have to make 30 cupcakes for his school party on Tuesday-and then get him ready for his singing event Tuesday night.

Mel- I don't know alot about you. I read your blog and looked at your colors. I read about roller derby.  So please, if this is really wrong don't hate me. I did try.

I made two sets- one for the clubhouse, with much nicer clothing and a hat. The scarf is in case it gets a bit chilly. The dress shows a lot of back because I believe I read you liked that. I thought it looked young and fun, but nice enough for the clubhouse.

Then, that is the in field. The party till you puke place to be at the Derby. Roller derby necklace, skinnier jeans with a nicer blue top and a hat- but that hat is mainly to keep the sun off your face. I loved the cup (we call them go cups where I'm from) I gave you to drink down there.

Hope you like them!


Mel said...

Love love love love love love love LOVE!

BOTH OUTFITS are screaming for me. Well done! I especially lurve that blue purse!

FYI, I'm going right now to buy that roller skate necklace online. Awesome.

LOJO said...

I'm so glad!