I am addicted to polyvore for wardrobe therapy

This is day three of rain and SNOW for us, the boy is watching a documentary on Egyptians and painting, so I decided to find what I use for my makeup and hair on polyvore instead of just writing it all down. It's more fun this way.  As you can see, I'm not addicted to one single brand for anything, I pick and choose what works for me out of many different companies. The Rene Russo pic is to show what my hair is cut like (sort of).

 What stays the same -- I use brownish and purple ish eyeshadows (MAC Era is my favorite)and  black black mascara (Maybelline Full and soft is one I can use that doesn't irritate my eyes)and a cream eye liner by Smashbox.  Nuetrogenia tinted moisturizer I use daily, on days my skin doesn't look so good I use mineral makeup. I always use nude or light pink lipstick or gloss  because my lips are very thin.  I use a light pink blush when I wear blush.

My hair is colored because it's grey. Very, very grey. I color it a dark reddish auburn.  I change my shampoo and conditioner frequently- right now it's a combo of Nexxus and Bedhead. I always use Rusk W8tless hairspray.

 I wear all different kinds of perfume, but my favorites are the Fresh Sugar brand.

 I haven't found a moisturizer I really like yet, and that is going to be this weeks big quest.  That, and getting a new toothbrush and coloring my hair ( I already have the color- I just need to carve out about 45 minutes to do it).


Cookbook said...

I love Sugar perfumes too!

And I like the idea of listing your cosmetic choices on Polyvore, since I, too, am addicted.

LOJO said...

I was amazed at how many products are already on polyvore, and how easy it is to clip whatever was missing.

drwende said...

I had no idea cosmetics were even on Polyvore!

You've just about got me ready to try Mac again. I loved one of their lipstick shades until a friend's cat bunted off with it. (Don't know how it looked on the cat.)

LOJO said...

I love MAC eyeshadow. Yes, it's 15 bucks, but the colors are saturated and the texture is amazing. No drugstore eyeshadow comes close IMHO.