Piles of Piles..second verse same as the first.

I have a lot more t shirts than anything else - because of my at home status it's an easier look for me I guess. Plus, I really like jackets so these are a good "under" for those. Here is the first group of piles. These are the good t shirts that I wear almost all year round-no matter if they are short sleeve or long sleeve.

 The top left is a small (4) pile of t shirts with stuff written on them (my brothers art etc..). Not everyday wear.

The middle top is long sleeve ts- I have 3 one orange, one brown, one black. I could use some more I think. The top right is solid ss shirts. 2 white, green, purple, blue. I could use a few more of those too. Under that is 4 identical black eddie bauer ss t shirts. I love these shirts and they are still in great non rabbity condition even after one entire year of wearing them. Can I say superstars for a black cotton standard t?  Yes, I can. Middle bottom are my pattern ss t shirts. 5 I think. Some patterns (like the black and white) are more successful than others, but again, they fit, are in good condition and look nice. Staples. Then there are 4 tanks- 3 black, one white. Staples.

These three are turning rabbity. A nice open swing type sweater, a cute longer t shirt with swingy sleeves and a nice black wrap style shirt. They aren't too bad, but they need to be replaced this season. Too bad too, they are some of my favorites.

These are going bye bye. The black and white sweater at the bottom and the striped sweater are torture devices. They pull and move and require fidgiting to get right. They will go to the garage sale pile.

The black pile at the front are elderly rabbits. It's a black hoodie that has grease spots on it and what was a really cute dressy t shirt that pilled up and looks icky now.  Those are going into the garbage.

This is a torture device I'm keeping- for now.  The v neck is entirely too low and needs a pin. Cute though, and in perfect condition. (the spot on pic is NOT on the shirt) and with the pin it's not too bad, though  I will try to find a less revealing replacement.

The "nicer" t shirts that are hung. 2 cardigan style sweatshirts, one brown paisly t, a new white t, and two floral t's . Staples.

The green, white, and purple flowered t shirts are superstars. They fit great, look fantastic and go with just about anything.

There are two other white t shirts in the laundry right now, we'll see if the stains come out of them and they get to stay or have to leave. I believe that means that the items I am keeping take me up to 35 t shirts and t shirt like items.

So, what did learn from this piling? I need some more "dressy" black t shirts to replace the others that are quickly going down the rabbit hole. I need to find the fine line between just enough and too much cleavage. I could use some more color. I'm in good shape though for spring, and I have a few items for the garage sale.


Colleen said...

for your too-low v-neck: Oln Navy has these great tanks that have about 2 inches of lace edging the v. I think I have 5 each in white and black as well as an assortment of colors because they are perfect underneath shirts that are a little low (especially for work). just a thought...

LOJO said...

thanks. I'll have to look into an option like that. Those would work with button downs and sweaters too...

Sheri said...

This reminds me I need to clean out my closets again too soon.