more style statesments


I got rid of my one item, a loud patterened tunic that I wore only a few times. It was totally sheer and always had to be over a tank. As for the doing something for myself part, I painted my toenails. To my horror, the right big toe still had a smudge of last SUMMERS red polish still valiently clinging to it.
I suck at self care.....


Middle Aged Woman said...

I love those Polyvore combinations. And once summer is over and the toes go into hibernation? You are forgiven for ignoring the last little bit. I have a new job, where I will be allowed to wear shorts and capris? But I have to wear socks! Everyday! Ack!

scb said...

Love those Polyvore things. Thanks for introducing me to them! The top on the right was a definite contender for me last night, then I went with one with muted blue skyscrapers -- hope I can find it when I try to do the set again and not lose it next time.

Your other toes have likely been envious of the one slightly adorned one all winter -- now they're all happy! *grin*