All things calm

well, that's the hope at least. I am going to attempt a small, cosmetic re-do on the bedroom. New paint, curtains, getting rid of "stuff", maybe even new art and a dresser.

The bedroom is very small- it's approx 9x12 not including the closet. Every wall has at least one thing on it, one of the 9 ft walls has the closet and the entry door, the other has a oddly placed window (way too high up to be useful). One of the 12 ft walls have the useful window that overlooks the neighbors place, the other has the door to the small jack and jill 1/2 bath and the access panel to the main baths shower.

This room has some of the ugliest carpeting I have ever seen- and it has to stay. No money to change it- and it's in good shape. Here is how the room (sort of ) looks now...

At the end of the room is this dresser. It's a Heywood Wakefield, but the finish was damaged badly when we got it (for 25 bucks) I'm going to try restor a finish on it in the spring.

This is the fabric on the headboard wall, a sample of ugly carpet and the new color choice.

Here is how it was before....black brocade, before that it was blue flowers, and before that- the very first time I did a mini redo- was lots of velvet and a futon bed.
This is what we started with, my husbands office. This is from about 6 years ago...


Middle Aged Woman said...

I am in love with every lamp that room has ever seen.

LOJO said...

Then you will be happy to know I still own them all... except for the floor lamp in the original pictures. I sold that one when the boy started to walk. It was dangerous to him.