Lunch with 22 little people

Wende and other CT members- this was my dinner. Homemade meatballs with homemade sauce and angle hair pasta.
Today was my first volunteer day at the boys school. I worked with the kids for an hour in their classroom cutting out circles, putting them in order and gluing them down. It's a pattern thing..then I helped with lunch.
Let me just say this first- no matter what you pack for your kid to eat- he doesn't eat it. He might eat some of it, but apparently 5 yr olds don't need food.
Imagine 125 or so 5 yr olds eating lunch in a gym-20 or so at each table. I only needed to focus on my sons class- so that was 22 little people, some eating sack lunches, some eating hot lunch (cheese pizza, apple sauce, and milk). I opened up a half dozen milk containers (still tough even for me) poked way too many juice pouches, cleaned up messes, kept two boys from spitting milk on each other- you know, the normal behavior for 5 yr olds.
If it wasn't for the volunteers (parents like me and the "grandmas") I don't know how school would work. My sons teacher had 2 "grandmas" today. a teachers aide, and me. We counted the kids to make sure we had them all, made sure they went in and out of the bathrooms, ate, and then lined up and had recess. There are even more parent volunteers and "grandmas" out there.
It's a crazy situation, but nice. There is so much more parent involvement than when I was in school. Of course, it's because our education system is hideously unfunded that we have to be involved.


drwende said...

I have looked upon the meatballs and seen that they are good!

Yeah, I've wondered how on earth I managed to grow as a child, given that there's no evidence I ate anything. I distinctly recall hating breakfast, avoiding large portions of lunch, and being a picky eater at dinner.

LOJO said...

I don't remember eating anything until I was about 10.

Alana in Canada said...

I remember.
It wasn't pleasant.