Foods I know how to prepare-and menu planning.

Last night I made pulled pork sandwiches and home made potato salad. Yes, it doesn't sound like much, but I haven't made either in over a year. They were excellent. SO excellent, there are no pics. No leftovers. YEA!

As for menu planning. Here is goes. I plan on Sundays for the week. What I make is determined by what is one sale and what is fresh and looks good.
Sunday- we all went out for Pizza (reunion things)
Monday- see above, pulled pork and potato salad
Tues. Ham steaks, potatoes and eggs
Wed. going into town, the Mr. has a softball tourny
Thurs. Something with chicken.
Friday shrimp and veggies with linguine
Sat. Going on vacation- the boy and the Mr. are on their own....

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