There aren't any pictures. I want to get that out there first.

I decided to make something different. Sort of goulash. So, I cooked a chuck steak, and when I say cooked, I mean cooked. 4 hours in a lidded dish at 350 degrees, 1 hour un-lidded. It was a bit over 1lb when it started. I cooked it with onions and garlic, salt, pepper and some red chili flakes. It fell apart when it was done. Then I made a red tomato sauce- crushed toms, garlic, Italian seasoning from Mrs. Dash, onions, red pepper flakes, the onion and garlic and pan drippings from the meat. I served it with gnocchi. Parmesan cheese too. It was yummy. Better for lunch today (there was just a single serving left) The Mr. had never had gnocci before and he liked it! Yea.

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