To late for the February Jumpstart- too early for the spring cure-

Actually, we didn't even start these projects until this past weekend. The Mr. is the king of procrastination UNTIL he wants something done.

We have two projects going right now- one for me, one for the Mr.

This is the end of the cabinets in the kitchen. This is what faces that bar table we built last year- next to the walkway between the dining room and the living room. The black area to the left is the dining room and hallway. My Mr. decided that if we put a faux header between the dining room and the kitchen it would make it seem like the kitchen was larger and an acutal room -without sacrificing the open floor plan. This might just make it feel like a 15x8 kitchen instead of a 8x8 kitchen.

Trying to find a ceiling joist to screw the header/spanner beam to. As you can see, apparently it wasn't easy.

This is the boys putting the supports for the faux header on the spanner.

Here it is on the ceiling.

I decided that I wanted it beadboarded instead of drywalled. Two reasons. 1. Mr. is not good at drywalling. 2. Mr. is not that great at building things and the beadboard "will cover up a multitude of sins" One side has been beadboareded, now the other needs to get covered up. We are placing a picture of the boy in the wall-maybe a future owner will find it many years from now!

this is the new header looking from the dining room into the kitchen. The ceiling fan is next on his list to go- he wants some pot lights over the bar table.

From the kitchen area looking into the dining room.

On the right side is the faux beam he is building and he needs to finish the beadboarding- maybe tonight>?? Then it's on the the painting.... The next pictures will have better lighting I promise- but it was raining likes Noahs time this weekend....

Here is my project. This is our old bedroom that I redid 2 years ago.
> I grew tired of it. I have taken down all the curtains and tried out a few new paint colors. I think I might stick with the blue, but I am changing the fabrics and the feel of the place. Here is it stripped down.....
here is the back of the new "headboard" I am building. It's Ikea fabric stretched over a wooden frame. Here is the back.....

Part 2 in a few days! Wish me luck!!!


drwende said...

Very cool! Good luck.

Colleen said...

I do so love seeing other people's housey projects! Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Your Mr. looks like he is a fine craftsman and sounds like one hell of a guy. You are one lucky lady to have landed such a prize.

lorijo said...

Is that you honey???? where is Mr. Wonderful's moniker????