light- we have light!

There was a ceiling fan here. Actually, when we moved in,there as a horrid, cheap, brass chandelier that was supposed to hang low over a dining table. When the livingroom was built, the table was removed and they shortened the chandelier chain with bread bag ties. Really. Here are our new can lights. We had to have our friend the electrician come over on Sunday due to some funky wiring we found. Nice words-our friend the electrician. He did it for free, although I invited him to a big dinner soon.
The old soffit over the cabinets.

Beadboarded. It's primed, not painted. This is the view from the living room through the pass through.

The kitchen was getting rather white, so I removed the door from a cabinet to see if it perks it up.

Still have to finish the prime and paint, then it's on to the other side.


casapinka said...

you've done a lot. this kitchen has wonderful brightness and can really be almost anything you want it to be (i'm partial to white kitchens, can you tell?) with brightly colored accents, of course.

lorijo said...

thanks. I hated this kitchen 5 years ago. Almost didn't buy the house because of it. It's come a long way...