Special socks, a plastic bracelet, and the ability to glow in the dark.

That's what you get after a 7 hour stint in the ER.

I started having chest pains Tuesday evening, and by Wednesday I thought I should have it checked out. I knew it was on the "wrong" side (the right) but I also knew that women can have heart related pain on the right or left side, up and down the arm, the neck, back and jaw. It's not as easy as just chest pains.

I have a horrid family history- my Dad and 2 of his siblings have had bypass surgery, my Grandmother died of heart damage (she had probably been having un-diagnosed and untreated heart attacks since her 30's the Doctors said. They got a chance to look at her heart in her 70's- but by that time there wasn't anything anyone could do.) and my other Grandparents had heart problems and attacks. So, I decided to leave nothing to chance.

They still don't know what's causing my pain. My heart checked out- I had chest films and blood work, and was hooked up to monitor for all 7 hours. Then they checked to make sure I didn't have a blood clot- that was a CAT scan. Nope, nothing. The Dr. thinks I might have an inflammation of the lining of my lungs-OR- I strained a muscle and don't remember doing it. I do know that my oxygen level is very good- over 97%, my blood pressure is between 116/85 and 124/89 all the time (since they checked it every 11 minutes for 7 hours) and my heart beats at 60-75 beats per minute resting.

I feel better today- but is that because it's not my heart? Or am I truly getting better?

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drwende said...

How scary for you!

I'd guess that 50% of your feeling better is relief that it's not your heart, and the other 50% is real progress. Since fear and stress make every illness worse, that's nothing to sneeze at.