What Christmas means to me- home improvement!

The Mr. has 16 days off for the holidays this year. You would think we could get a lot done during that time. You would be wrong. There are a lot of "reasons" behind this. Such as-
  • The first week is all about Christmas. That would be a good excuse - but I had all the shopping done way before this week. And the tree and the decorations have been up for weeks. We did go shopping that Monday- but really just to point and laugh at all the fools rushing about. So we could have done some work- but just chose not to.
  • the weather was awful. It really was. 4 major snow events preceding Christmas. That should have let us get a lot done- but most of our time was actually spent digging out and shoveling the roof so it didn't collapse.
  • the second week ( which we are now in) has not started out well. I got a little uptight yesterday (the Mr. was concerned I would pick up a gun and start shooting apparently) so I was sent away for a day of shopping- alone. Sounds more fun that it really is the week after Christmas. Although I did not have my child with me- everyone else did. And no ones child was happy about shopping. I did buy a few things- this pendant (two kinds of Jasper- I think it looks like a tree-the boy thinks it looks like a snow storm)
  • A new make up bag by Fossil that I am going to use as a spring purse. I love this-

    my Mr. is not an expert anything, so it takes a long, long time to get anything done. Point of fact- it took all day to install the new light in the bathroom. Now, he did need to get up into the rafters to drill a hole- but still....

new light! Yes, we did re install the cabinet. The angle is wierd on these pics- in reality there isn't that much height in that bathroom...


    Before - only one light is lit because they all burned out and I refused to buy new lightbulbs for a fixture I hated and was going to replace.

  • My Mr. now is having a gall bladder attack. Work has come to a stop.
I have gotten the bottom kitchen cabinets re painted. They are very close to the same color they already were- just this white is blue-er than the other white- which was yellow-er. And they are now semi-gloss- so they will be easier (I hear) to clean.

Doesn't look like much now- but it will get done this week.

We have also removed the laundry room door. It was an exterior door (inside the house) that we never actually closed. He will have to fix the trim etc.. this spring because there just isn't enough time to fix that right now. That whole laundry room was built (not by us) with Popsicle sticks and duct tape. When we moved in if I looked between the ceiling trim and the ceiling I could see inside the garage. I caulked the hell out of that room just so I didn't have furry nighttime visitors. The laundry room actually tilts a bit too. It needs to be torn out and replaced- but that's getting a bit ahead of ourselves at this point. The Mr. needs to learn more about general carpentry, electricity and water before that can be attempted.

Now we have to install a kitchen cabinet- build a small pony wall, extend the kitchen floor one foot, put up a post, and put up a few more heat ducts in the basement. In 5 days. The countdown starts....Now.....

PS> just in case someone thought we had no fun this past week- we also did this---

we did art ( a lot of art with glitter!) , built a snow fort and did a lot of gaming- dominos, cootie, leapster, and lincoln logs!


drwende said...

New light looks excellent!

You've actually gotten a LOT done, especially around the snow and the holiday. It just doesn't feel like it 'cause you're in the middle of it.

lorijo said...

thanks- I guess you're right. Besides- it's a vacation- right? Maybe I shouldn't be such a task master!

Colleen said...

I'm jealous of the snow fort!