I'm just a little behind right now....

I still can't do much. The leg is bothering me and it makes me walk funny, which in turn is making other parts of me hurt. The leg is causing me to have knee problems and my back is killing me and all because my gaite is wonky right now. So I have chosen to sit on my butt and do a little windows shopping.

I really needed to get this whole "style icon" thing wrapped up. I did the whole Style Statement earlier this year and I do believe that I hit the nail on the head with "rustic timelessness". I think it fits me, I like the way it looks on me- now I just have to incorporate it fully into my wardrobe. I have to figure out a way to take "boring woodsy" which is me right now- and turn into "rustic timelessness".

Tonight I have started here Sundance catalog. Nice stuff- a little pricy- but it fits the bill for what I am looking for. And what is it that I am looking for??- here's a few pieces-


It's a start. I will be doing more windows shopping later on this weekend- and doing some supply line work. I think it's time that I started taking care of myself.


drwende said...

Those are very cool examples of "rustic timelessness." You're reminding me of when AT went down the road of trying to define a country modern or modernist country approach, which was one of their more interesting notions.

lorijo said...

I have always thought of my decorating as country modern. I guess because of where I live and the house that I have it seems to fit.
I question having to name or brand everything about our lives, but sometimes it really does help.