The joys of home ownership

What is this? This is my septic tank backing up into my basement. I noticed today that I had a gigantic wet spot on my basement floor- which is carpeted by the way. This is why. When my washing machine empties it dumps between a gallon or two of "mess" up into my basement. We believe it may have been going on for a week. The smell wasn't at all bad until I opened the drain and cut away the carpeting. Now, words can't describe the smell.
I hope the septic dude can come tomorrow. If not, it's next week- we have to have the garage sale this weekend. Of course, now it's a "pay for my septic tank" sale.

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Alana in Canada said...

oh dear.

Dh and I have discussed living in the country from time to time. Two words always stop the conversation in it's tracks. You guessed it: "septic tank."

Oh, and sometimes another one does it: "well."

Our drain pipe from the house to the city's system used to back up quite regularily. In fact, the day my daughter was born (at home) the mid-wives started a load of laundry before leaving and said to my (exhausted) husband, "oh there's something coming up on the basement floor." So, off he went to rent the machine to snake it out.

After about another year, the old clay pipe had collapsed so badly, there was nothing left to snake. We had it replaced.

Here's hoping the guy comes tomorrow!