I sold another doll!

Yea me! I sold one of the 4 dolls I put on the horror-mall site. I doubled the orignal price and it still sold. That makes a total of 3 sold now. I am even thinking about starting an Etsy site and putting a few up there. If I sell to many more, I will actually have to think about combining my studios ( I have 2 right now) so that it's easier to work- but I think that's jumping the gun right now to say the least. 3 dolls do not make a career for sure. I think when I get to about 10 then I will start to take this seriously, but until then, it's just a hobby that is paying for itself.

Happy Valentines day everyone!


Mella DP said...

Hey, a hobby that pays for itself is nothing too shabby. Congratulations!

scb said...

Congratulations! And happy Valentine's Day!

drwende said...


Definitely look at the costs and possibilities of Etsy. Isn't it more flexible than eBay in letting people leave a product listed until it sells? If it's affordable, it's reputed to be a fantastic social network for getting your product known.

lorijo said...

I have put 2 on Etsy this morning. It's super cheap-and the listing goes on for like 3 months instead of 7 days. Also, the percentage they take of the sales price is much lower. We'll see if it works. I think I will put on another 3 or 4 dolls or varying prices and see how it goes. Yea!

Alana in Canada said...

That's wonderful news.

I popped over to AT and saw this post wondered if you'd seen it yet. Thought of you and the office.

CQ in DC said...

yay! good luck on Etsy!