outsider folk art watercolor

outsider folk art watercolor
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My sons watercolors. He is quite "prolific" These are called "red river in desert" and "fashion lady"


scb said...

I especially like "red river in desert".

When I visited my friends in England way back in 1988, their 3 1/2 year old son would do some form of art work, and bring it over to me and say "You can take this home with you if you like"... then he realized that meant he would never see that particular painting or whatever again. And so he took them all back, and instead, if he was cutting things out of paper, would bring me the leftover scraps, with "You can take this home with you, if you like". ;) The day before I left, his Daddy had him do some spatter paintings just for me! Children's artwork is delightful! Do you frame them? I saw a suggestion on an organizing show (possibly Neat on HGTV Canada) to have a pop-out type frame that you could change easily, to display the "bestest" ones.

drwende said...

You know if those were found by AT editors who didn't know who the creator is, they'd be all over the wisdom and insight and complexity of the artist.

I'm leaning toward Fashion Lady myself. I'm afraid your son has a much better sense of color and proportion than our niece, which may be why she hands out her art to all and sundry.

CQ in DC said...

LOVE Fashion Lady!

Hey- you're featured on AT again today- love the fabric on the wall in the pic!

AT Link

Anonymous said...

Kids have their own way of using colors and don't follow any rules as such. Their creations show their freedom and innocence. Thanks for the pics the paintings are beautiful. For Folk Art works you can visit this link.