Week 6 Wardrobe Therapy

Accessories are not my friends. Lets get that out in the open right away. I don't wear belts. I don't wear scarves except to keep my neck warm. I wear jewelry, but often forget it places. I love earrings, but due to allergic reactions I can only wear gold or silver. Costume jewelry gives me infections. My hands tend to swell after my surgery and so my ring sizes can change from week to week or day to day. I can only wear necklaces that I don't mind losing right now because my son loves to grab hold of them. Yes, I know he's 3. But he still does it.
But I believe that accessories are the best way to interpret your style. So, this week is very important. The pictures above are some pieces that I love. All from Sundance. I would wear each and every one of these.

BREATH Piles. That will come tomorrow or Tuesday. I have to scour the entire house top to bottom to find all my stuff. It's like the polar opposite to my purses. I take fantastic care of those, jewelry gets thrown about like it's worthless.
Bones - This is obvious for me. I have to find a jewelry control center.
Head - What does my accessories contribute to my sense of style ? Well, for the most part, they remind me of where I have been. I buy a lot of jewelry and accessories on my travels. Also, I think that my style tends towards the practical, relaxed creative and comfortable. My accessories can either drive those points home, or act as a foil. Also, they give me a bit of color. My fashions are rather simple, no bright colors, monochromatic, solids- no prints ever- no girly-girly stuff, no pastels or delicate fabrics. If it wasn't for jewelry and accessories- it sounds like I dress like the Amish (which by the way I partially am- also Native American, Swedish and polish. What a combo huh?)


Alana in Canada said...

Yay jewellry. Those are gorgeous pieces.

At least your pedigree is intersting. (I know we don't say pedigree when talking about people, but it's late and I forget the proper word). Mine's quite boring--all British Isles.

drwende said...

If it's any comfort, I'm still finding bits of jewelry all over the apartment, and we've only lived here a couple months. The stuff roams.

CQ in DC said...

all of those pieces make me happy!