Trying on the pants and other adventures

I started trying on some of my pants today and found that I really first needed to look at my shoes. I had some arch problems this year (as in my arches are falling) and I have been wearing comfortable supportive (read UGLY) shoes all summer and fall. A really nice pair of Merrill mesh tennis shoes, a pair of Teva sandals, a pair of Fly-flot clog like things. Ok, but not to try on most of my dressier pants. Those need some sort of a heel. So, off I went in search of a pair.

My shoes are actually easier to locate than anything else I own. They are in large canvas hanging bags in individual slots. I managed to locate this pair of heeled mary jane style shoes. Now, I bought these in Tx (of course) and never managed to wear them. They are DKNY shoes and fit me still. They look a lot like what I am seeing in magazines this season- so one less purchase I think I need to make.

This has me on a shoe tangent today. Thinking back to my favorite shoes ever- they have to be a pair of lace up's that I had about 15 years ago. They went with everything, they were black suede and I wore them into the ground. Low and behold I found a very similiar pair in a horrible color here http://www.anthropologie.com/anthro/catalog/productdetail.jsp?id=74521&navAction=jump&search=true. Gold? why ever gold?
But it got me thinking that I have always loved Frye shoes and boots, so I need to locate a store in the area that sells them so I can go and try some on. Supply lines here I come!


Alana in Canada said...

Gorgeous shoes! (rotten colour!) I love them.

Alana in Canada said...

Oh--and about those falling arches--That's one of the diagnoses I've received for my feet--the other is plantar fascitis. There are wonderful supports you can get to put in shoes and boots that will support your foot. My chiropractor sells them. They're custom, so quite pricey. If you want I can find out the company. (I have to call our medical insurance company to find out if they're "covered" before I take another step on this. Yes, we do have supplemental private medical insurance in this country--out plan is through my husband's union at work.)

lorijo said...

Oh Alana that would be so nice! I talked to my Doctor about inserts at the beginning of the spring- he wanted me to try wearing better shoes (than flip flops) before trying the more pricey options. I think I have to consider pricey soon or I will walk with a 90 yr old womans limp!

Alana in Canada said...

Can I say you just don't want the pain? I've had my condition--first in one foot, then the other, for the last seven years, though it hasn't been too bad in the last month.

I have limped for the last three years, even resorting to cane for a few days at a time.

Talk to your doctor right away and discuss those inserts. Obviously "good shoes" aren't cutting it if you've switched and it hasn't improved.

My chiropractor's office isn't open today, so I'll have to track down the name of the inserts tomorrow.

drwende said...

Congratulations -- you are now slightly ahead, as shoe week is officially next week. (But I do see the implications for pant fitting...)

Those Mary Jane are very in... round toes are back. I was so taken when I first saw that shape on someone.

Gleeps -- why gold, indeed! Those would be so practical-yet-elegant in black.

CQ in DC said...

nine west has these to offer, but they are kind of pricey. however, I know that this style is in this year, so you might be able to find some that are more reasonably prices...


lorijo said...

Cq- those nine west shoes are great! The heel is a little intimidating to me though- at 3 1/2 inches that may be to high for my well being, but that style is what I am looking for.

CQ in DC said...

I also love these and they are much cheaper (though grey, not black):