My "heart" post- or why I have what I have


My shoes and purses have been piled, examined, tried on, cleaned, and,in the case of shoes, weeded out a bit. I have found that I am pretty happy with the choices that I have made in the past for these items. I only have one pair of "what the hell was I thinking" shoes and they make me laugh so I am keeping them. I may show a picture of them later on.
I have a great storage system for my purses (off season bags are kept in fabric boxes, stuffed with tissue -with tissue in between the bags.) I keep my in season bags out on a shelf in my closet. They are pretty evenly divided between winter and summer now, so it works out well. My shoes are kept in those hanging shoe bags- linen also so they breath and the hanger can been washed if needed. My in season shoes are kept in my laundry room area, my off season shoes are in my downstairs sewing room. Again, they are evenly divided between winter and summer so space isn't an issue. I clean my shoes or bags whenever they need it so this was unneeded during this cure phase.


Ok, here is the difficult piece. After reading others comments it appears it's hard for others too.
My Status Symbol, or how I wish to be viewed by others. That's hard for me because of the change in my life. When I was working I wanted to be seen as smart, competent and a leader- because that's what I did. For the past 20 years I have told people what to do, when to do it, how to dress, what to buy- you name it. So I had to walk the talk so to speak. Now, I stay at home and take care of my son. I still want to be seen as smart and competent (and not so much the Brittney Spears model of motherhood) but also a little more fun. That I can drop everything and go to the park or pull out the watercolors and playdoh, because that is my reality now. I also have the whole complex of not having a "real job" anymore. I know that I have an important job- and I chose to stay home. It was a drastic pay cut, but worth it in the end I think. But I have a lot of people asking me when will I go back to work, like this has been a vacation of some sort, instead of what it is, the hardest job I have ever done before.

How does my wardrobe relate to my status symbol- I don't think it does really. I think it's sloppy and not pulled together enough. I have the washable part down, but that's about it.
Whenever I see someone on one of those "How do I look" shows and they have these outfits for say at home mothers I laugh my ass off. But, I come from a place where PJ bottoms are acceptable dress for anyone and everyone going to town, maybe my views are a little jaded now.
Conversation starter apparel-
NO. People ask me about my handbags, my jewelry, and my hair of all things. Being stopped in the grocery store and asked who cuts my hair is not my idea of a good time. I don't mind sharing with people I know ,but total strangers kind of creepy me out. (not you people I feel I kinda know all of you)

So that is all I have now. I have to start planning my Thanksgiving Feast now. Everyone have a great holiday!


smallcitybeth said...

You take such good care of your shoes and purses and things -- this is good. I need to take lessons from you. (Although I think the "shelves" I've made for my shoes are a good start. My shoes now have a home, and they go there when I take them off... this is an improvement.)

I think, with your savvy and taste, you can find a middle ground between the unreal "mommy outfits" on the what-to-wear shows, and the PJs that everyone and their aunt seem to be wearing (around here, too).

What you are doing, raising your child, is a very important job, and a very difficult one, and it's one that not many people choose to do full time these days -- you are to be commended. And you deserve to look your best while you are involved in this important vocation (because it's more than a "job", it *is* a vocation, I think.)

So, let's find you some easy-care, pulled together outfits, to go with those wonderful bags and shoes, shall we?

And have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!!

drwende said...

SCB is so right about the vocation thing. SAH parenting is not much like a normal job at all -- among other things, it's completely lacking in free lunches and pay checks. Jobs can be left at the office. Vocations grab you by the throat and demand your whole life. (Not that you're defined by your child, but you can't call it a day at 5:30, nor do you have the option of getting yourself hired by a kid with better perks.)

lorijo said...

thanks. I am lucky in the fact that my Mr. was totally behind me staying home. He picks up some radio jobs and announcing gigs to make extra $$$, most weekends I can hand my son off and go to town alone, and although he is just a big kid himself, he's responsible. We sat down, did a budget, and learned how to live on one income. I'm not going to drive a brand new SUV in the next few years, but I am ok with that.

Also, we're old. I think that has a lot to do with the choices you make. I don't want to party all night like I did in my 20's and I am not obsessed with my work any longer.

SCB- good for you making shoe shelves! It's important to get them a home- plus, when it snows they have to have a safe place to dry out.

Wende- I'm ok without the free lunches, but I would really like a few sick days.

Alana in Canada said...

These really are tough years to be at home with a child. I can totally sympathise. I remember when my son was about four and my daughter in her first year--all I wanted was an extended break. A long break. OK, a short break, just to get away for a while. And sometimes I would go, but I always came back to nothing done (sometimes the kids hadn't even been out in their baths, so the schedule was totally off meaning a late night for me) and there was 2x as much housework to do. It was a pretty bad period of time.
Hang in there.

lorijo said...

My Mr is really good about letting me get away. This time of year is just really bad for us. My husband is in admissions for a university and travels all fall. He is away for about 4 days out of 7. He does radio broadcasts for the football and basketball teams, and is the rink announcer for the hockey team. When this is over I will go away for a weekend- I usually just drive to Detroit of Chicago and check into a hotel and shop for the weekend. I miss them terribly and go home.

Alana in Canada said...

Wow. I would give my right arm to be able to do that!

Good for you.