chairs 45 and 46

okay- another pic of one of the chairs- but the other matching chair is up the rafter in the garage, and as I have posted before- it is COLD and SNOWING outside and I am just not up to going out there right now.

These chairs were from a church yard sale (in my opinion the very best kind) and I paid 2 bucks for them. Orange, fiberglass (not plastic) and childsized, these are fantastic for downstairs. Right now, only one is out with his art desk, but I have plans for the other one. When he outgrows them I plan to re donate them to the church for their sale. Karma people. How else do you think I get such great deals on chairs?
I know I said I had 46 chairs- well, there's more. At least 3 more that I can think of without thinking, and I bet there are more than that in this house. Then, I can go on to my Mothers house- she has a few dozen chairs over there and at least few of them are really quite nice.

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