Apartment Therapy post!

We have started on the beadboard backsplash. And by we I mean my Mr. So far I like it alot, and I am glad I didn't tile. Plus, this is a lot less work for me.

We have a 5 ft by 30 inch piece of butcher block that we are going to make into a bar table for the side wall of the kitchen / walk thru area. I have a bizarre floor plan because originally, my 8 x 10 ft kitchen had another 8 x 10 ft eat-in area. When the previous owners put in the new cantilevered living room, the former eat in area became a large walk way. If this house was on one of those horrible "sell your house" shows, some bimbo real estate agent would tell me the room would "confuse" possible buyers. Because apparently possible buyers have no vision or imagination. I would really like it to come back and be friends with the kitchen, but it will take some work. But if it works out right, my little 8 x 10 kitchen "feel' larger, and that's really all I need.
The first picture is the beadboard 1/2 done. The second picture is the before pic. When I took off the trim, there was an old strip of the original wallpaper.


smallcitybeth said...

Oh! It's going to be great! And so much more imaginative than tile.

lorijo said...

thank you!I think it also work better for this house- a bit more "rustic" then tile.

lorijo said...