Not a chair! My mothers Herman Miller Compact Sofa

I think that everyone out there will hate me and my entire family after reading these posts. The only reason my mother has this is because I couldn't get to this auction. A nice Herman Miller compact sofa, very nice condition. Foam is a bit hard, but not crumbly. Original covering, original condition.
She bought this for 50 bucks. PLUS- she bought 2 low wire fiberglass armchairs (Herman Miller of course) at the same auction for 25 bucks. For both. Idiot auctioneer had no idea what this was- She sold the armchairs (again, the money was just to good not to) but is keeping the sofa for her sunporch area.
Please, don't ask me where we live. I want this all to myself- it's hard enough trying to get stuff before my mom scoops it up.....

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