No chairs because of the cure

well, these last weeks have been busy with me doing the AT 8 week cure, and it's all coming to a head now, so no chair blogging for now. This is my list of accomplishments

1. painted kitchen with first coat of new paint.
2 removed old tiles from kitchen wall.
3. cleaned nasty soap scum from bathroom
4 cleaned and organized basement and sewing room ( a HUGE job)
5. got my husband to call in a furnace repair man (thurs! yea heat!)
6. cleaned and organized my sons room and his closet.
7. cleaned and organized my bathroom
8 put up new lamp in bedroom, and new bedstand for J
9. Organized linen closet and threw away old medicine and product.
10. painted walls and floor, cleaned and organized mud room into proper room. Stained newly built stairs.
11. raked leaves (ICK)
12. new curtains for living room, made new pillow covers, put winter items out and brought back the wool rug.
13. started work on laundry, new shelf, new rod, new curtains. Picked new paint colors. Removed old baseboard heater, put in new trim, caulked, took out old thermostat.
14. took some stuff to goodwill.

I had thought that I hadn't gotten a lot accomplished the cure go round, but reading my list, I was wrong. I really have gotten a lot done. Now I feel kind of proud, and I am really looking forward to doing my kitchen. Now I just have to find the tile I want.


Alana in Canada said...

Those are pretty big projects too--hours and hours of work. Congrats! Looking forward to hearing from you when you get back.

lj said...

I forgot to add-
15. killed a bat
16. Killed a mouse. Caulked the holes the little bugger entered through.
17. Bought and hung new shade in Kitchen.