chairs 19-22 My Heywood Wakefield Dining room chairs

I'll add the pic of the other 2 dogbone chairs when I get home tonight. They were 1 dollar each for the dog bone chairs, 2 dollars for the armed captain style chair. They were in ruined condition finish wise with no seat bottoms. I painted them brown (and the 2 I haven't pictured are in my workroom to be refinished again) and put this odd fabric on them for color. They were my dining chairs for about 5 years- last year I changed to the danish modern style, and the Herman miller shell chairs. The Heywood Wakefield are going to go downstairs to the family room- I have a large oak circular dining table that I got for free (ok, just the top-no legs I have to fix that) and they are going to go around that for a gaming table. I suppose that one day I may have to sell them- who really needs 12 dining room chairs? But not now.

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Alana in Canada said...

ooh, now the bottom one I'd take in a heartbeat. I too am tring to set up a "gaming" table and I do need chairs for it. Don't have your scavenging skills, though!