Chairs 36 and 37- 60's metal chairs

I can only get one pic to post right now- I'm not good at blogging away from home. Anyway, there is a pair of these, they are metal framed with vinyl (YELLOW) seat and back. The YELLOW was very very loud and so I sewed up some covers for them. They really aren't that comfortable- I am pretty sure they came out of the local university- and they may have to leave next spring. Nice lines though, and they come in handy for extra seating.


Alana in Canada said...

They're handy for extra seating?

I have to say, I think you can manage!

I'm glad you're coming on board for wardrobe therapy. Will you blog it?--esp now you are coming to the end of the stories of the chairs.

lj said...

Well, I am coming to an end of the chairs ( I still have a dozen or so to blog about though- I have such a problem) SO yes, I believe I need help with my wardrobe. Real help and I trust my fellow cure-ers. My life has changed so much in 5 years (along with my weight, health and job) that I am not sure anything I own is right anymore.