Welcome to Texas

 The boy at the Texas welcome center...which due to road construction is impossible to get into. We were the ONLY people there. It was creepy. Last time I stopped there were a couple hundred people milling about.....
The Texas capitol. It's beautiful...and has just about the only green grass in the state. They are in a 4 year drought. Rivers and lakes are dropping by a foot a day in some locations. Cattle are being sold off because there is no hay or grass to feed them. Everything is dry and brittle....except the capitol lawn. That is lush and green.

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Alana in Canada said...

Great to hear from you. Hadn't realised that about a Texas drought. I would assume folks are going to get upset about the green lawn at the capitol. We would be, here. But, we have the opposite problem--getting too much rain. Food prices will be terrible this fall.