My freaking day

Snow day. They called school off last night so at least I didn't have to wake up before the crack of dawn, get the boy up and fed just to go back to sleep because they can't get their act together before 7 am. I mean, really. If the weather sucks at 9pm at night, it's not going to get any better before 7am. We don't have the money to plow the roads at night and the faster those nit wits in administration realize that the better for all of us.

This is day 4 with the boy in the house. He has the pink eye. Of course, other than the vague red-ness of his eyeballs he feels fine. Stuck in the house due to the snow and 30MPH winds is just something a boy of 6 wants to do all day-right?  Luckily we have Wii. For me I mean. Today I believe he will have a good dose of benign neglect.

Last night the boy got up at 1am and got into my bed. Since he sleeps SIDEWAYS I had to get out of my bed and go to his. His room is COLD since he puts out warmth like a small electric heater. Since he's hot he sweats and his bed smells ...."boy" for lack of a better word. His white curtains and window shade practically GLOWED last night due to the moon and all the snow, so it was like sleeping under a street light. Did I mention I was cold all night?

Waking up at 8 am was nicer than 6 but the smell coming from the kitchen made me gag. Something is in that garbage can and sitting by the heat all night long didn't do it any favors. The kitchen smells like a Guadalajara goat hospice.  I have cold coffee to warm up but no half and half. I need to run the dishwasher. I have no idea what I will make for dinner and I can't get into town today. The Mr. will have to do some grocery shopping and that is a scary though- can I make a dinner out of potato chips, beer and ice cream?

The boy is happy though-he just make his Lego star wars Wii character fly. I guess I'll get to work.


Mella DP said...

Ugh. There are days when being housebound is just not cool. The snow we got yesterday wasn't so bad, but my neighborhood has been a solid sheet of ice since Saturday night.

unmitigated me said...

I am now in love with the descriptive term, "Guadalajara goat hospice."

That's a piece of genius right there.

And here in the big city? The county roads commissions have opted out of salting the roads. Even the eight-lane major thoroughfare I usually take to work. Driving in yesterday was very exciting.

LOJO said...

Sorry. Ice sucks. I had the joy of watching our village snowplow run into the "Dead End" sign today while plowing. He hits it every year. It doesn't move. You'd think he'd get a clue.