The one thing that really pisses me off....

SO today I go to the dollar store to get these little plastic containers (not that you care why I go to the dollar store- and it really doesn't matter what I bought for this story) and I go to check out and the clerk-who is young enough to be my daughter- calls me "honey". Twice. I am from the south. We still use Ma'am. As in-- yes, ma'am. Have a nice day ma'am. Not sugar, not honey, ma'am. It's a manners thing.

Now, I am (going to be) 45 years old, and although I look a big younger than that, I will never be confused with a young girl again. That train has left the station. This clerk could not have been over 25. I was even dressed pretty well- dark denim, black shoes and black long sleeve sweater. BIG wedding ring and expensive purse (because I am a purse snob).  I didn't look like a barmaid or a college student. I was not wearing my pj bottoms out shopping.  I looked like a middle aged women buying some plastic containers. One who doesn't like being called "honey" by strangers.