I want an actual bed!

I want a bed with a headboard. I don't so much care about the foot board, but I want a bed that doesn't come free when you buy a mattress.

So far, I'm looking at stuff like this......

I really like the big wooden plank as headboard idea. Seems to me I should be able to figure out how to do that though- without having to buy a new bed frame doesn't it? Like maybe actually hanging the wood on the wall off a cleat or something like that.

I'd actually love a platform type bed like in pic 2, but I do need the space underneath for off season clothing storage, so that might not be the best option for me after all.....

well, back to the drawing board!

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drwende said...

Like the plank idea a lot!

For how to hang, try Googling instructions for the popular notion of using an old door as a headboard. The same hanging technique should work... I read a few but can't really visualize what they're saying or I'd suggest something.